What are some of the ways corporations can engage meaningfully in the arts?

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    What are some of the ways corporations can engage meaningfully in the arts?

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    Where there is a logical fit between the Art sponsorship and the Corporate sponsor, they can both create a really great “meaningful” relationship. If the Corporation not only just provides needed “funding” but also lends it’s products and services to enhance, improve and develop the art form this can greatly enhance the relationship by showing the specific art lovers (who hopefully are also the target customers for the sponsor) that their involvement greatly adds to the overall activity and enjoyment of the Art.

    The best sponsorships put their corporate brand where their customers want to be. The challenge is to really understand the business objectives of the Corporate sponsor, it’s target market, and create a comprehensive measurement system that shows ROI (yea i know, this is zzzzz). Then create an integrated series of programs that leverages the Art’s access to the market while at the same time enhancing the experience for the attendees.

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    I recently attended a webinar about “Corporate Responsibility and Art Partnerships” and was not at all surprised to find that none of the panelists could fully engage in the topic outside of referring to their own models of standard financial sponsorship.

    When it comes to corporate engagement in the arts–whether as part of a marketing program or a much larger corporate responsibility platform–I think it is most important to ask two questions before beginning any kind of art related partnership or sponsorship:

    1. What is our purpose, as a brand or corporate entity, in supporting art? (i.e. Is it to “look cool” as a sponsor? Or to excite our consumers? Is it to boost our reputation with a certain audience? To decorate a product? To heal? To transform? To support individual artistic livelihoods?)

    2. What does “art” mean to our brand/corporation? (i.e. Is it about design or decoration? Is it about provoking our customers? Is it about beauty? Is it a reflection of our brand’s personality? Is it a means to inspire or educate? Is it something from long ago that hangs in a museum or is it the graffiti markings on an abandoned building?)

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    I think the best thing corporations can do for artists (which certain corporations already do) is to just offer generous funds and grants that artists and other cultural practitioners can apply for. No strings attached, no requirement for the project to be associated with the corporation except by acknowledging the sponsorship, no “end product” required by the corporate body. Assuming that the corporate body has a significant pool of money to tap into for CSR-type stuff or whatever.

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    @Anon, how is that a meaningful engagement? The next question will be why should they just give out fundings with no benefits and does not do them any good? because it’s “ART?”

    Acknowledgement of sponsorship is yesterday’s news and now means crapped to these corporation. There are tonnes out there outside the arts who can also provide “Acknowledgement of sponsorship”. It does not look like there is any long term planning here if we just expect a one way channel, we are just setting a timeline for them to look into other “charity” and move the funds into another organization from their “CSR” money.

    I’m all for the no strings attached funding/grants, but how many companies are willing to do that versus the amount of artist/organization out there seeking for fundings and support?

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