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    People got ego wor.

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    The team also go to a lot of learning trips to oversea and then got classes, sharing session, seminars etc etc etc, they got utilise the skills they learn?

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    Niama Lah

    What is there learn? Wasn’t it more of company sponsored holiday trips?

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    It is important to keep in mind that the HBD is a privately funded public institution where the owner(s) of the space have bequeathed it to the public, and that the staff work on a less than cushy salary to keep the space running. They bear all responsibility, they assume all the risk.

    One ought to be very careful when making comments and statements referring to people who are putting in the effort to make something happen. These remarks can be damaging to all individuals charged with this unbalanced accusation and runs the risk of being counter-productive.

    In the end you have to put yourself in the shoes of the stakeholders there: Why should they be doing this? Why not pack up and just turn the space into commercial businesses and not give a hoot about the community. Its clear that if this happens who are the ones who lose out – the public, followed by the community of artists, curators and practitioners.

    Have a chat. Offer your help. After all this is a public initiative, and your expertise in fund raising, curating, arts management, etc could be very valuable. Nothing needs to work well in order for us to decide to make ourselves a part of the change we want to see in our own community.

    I would like to respectfully make a suggestion for this thread to be closed. Go over to Hin Bus Depot if you must, and have a conversation. This thread will bring no further understanding nor bear any further fruit from this point on. There’s nothing uglier than booing at the game from the sidelines.

    I will not be reading or responding to this post beyond this. Given the nature of the topic and some of the responses, I just needed to say this.

    Additional notes:
    1. Town Hall won’t work as they’re not publicly funded. They have no obligation to do this.
    2. The business model and raison d’être of a commercial gallery are vastly different and cannot be applied to a privately run public institution.

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    Totally agree with S.carlos, about time somebody make some sense here. All these complains from some of you here are pure childish and heck how entitled you guys think you are?? Either be part of it or get the hell out of it.

    Where else in Penang do you think will offer a platform like this? If You’re not happy with the way it is being run by the team, then go and offer yourself to be part of the team then.

    I don’t agree in removing this thread as i feel what S.carlos said must be made known and clear to these people.

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    @S.Carlos I disagree with you. While I agree that some of the comments here can be misleading and disparaging, but I strongly disagree with removing this conversation altogether. On the principle of freedom of expression and discussion, matters of the community should be allowed to be expressed in the open. Just because it’s a private business / entity, doesn’t mean is should be invincible to criticism. Especially when this private entity has presented itself as a community space. What is a community space if you disallow your community to voice their dissatisfaction? I’m pretty sure some of the people here, vendors or parties engaged one-off, have one way or another tried to communicate their dissatisfaction to the HBD team. Unless S.Carlos is from the HBD team itself, how would they know help wasn’t offered? The question is, did the HBD team accept the feedback or help offered? Yes they are not contractually or legally obligated to listen or accept, but don’t call yourself a community space if you only plan to serve your private agenda. Here’s the problem: HBD is confused or not communicating this well to the community and the businesses within their space.

    For those who say artists are entitled, don’t understand the exchange. The artists are here as content providers, which eventually draws traffic that generates income for the space. It should be mutually beneficial for both parties. Don’t make it sound like as if it’s a one-way relationship.

    I believe this thread was initiated with intentions to spark conversations around the following:
    – how should a private community space like this be operated
    – what kind of models would work
    – structurally how can organisations like this be run more effectively
    – what is the community’s expectations for spaces like this? How can they get involved?

    I’m sure everyone has deep love for HBD and for what they have done for the Penang art scene. Which is exactly why things have to be said in the open. No point keeping it hush hush just because you don’t wanna hurt someone’s feelings.

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    do what you have to do, all girls team! 💪🏽


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    I thought making tourist-friendly art was going well for penang based artists that cant make it in the real art scene? How come like this. Sad to hear. Please continue your support for those artist. They need a platform.

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    For those who hv been wondering why HBD art space / gallery or any other gallery cannot prosper / survive, just have to ask yourself a question: have u bought anything from them? have u brought ppl to buy things from them? it’s easy to say “I support you” but mental support is not a currency for utility or staff’s salary.

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    Idk, have you bought anything from hin yourself? From lost artwork to serious damage due to negligence, I’ve seen it happen too often at Hin.

    If you are artist, even worse, the management is seldom there when there are inquiries or don’t even have the price.

    Verdict: Not commercially viable due to own causes.

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