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    Korupsi Jalanan

    Vendor memang la tak dapat apa-apa pun..pandai collect sewa je..yang lain, boleh blah ah! Galeri, apa puki ko nak letak 5 orang??? Bukan qualified pun! Diktatorship la, ngan budak rambut oren tu..nak hisap ganja, nak parti je pandai..tak tolong yang lain pasal promisi ke, marketing ke..tapi kalau artis, bukan main pandai nak cover! Kita yang bayar berbulan, kena buang tepi je..

    Jadi event space je la, tak payah nak poyo sangat..nak jadi galeri tapi tak reti nak, nak masuk bakul, angkat sendiri la..macam bodo!

    Jangan nak cakap komuniti la..dari luar, nampak cun..dalam, fuck off la..budak galeri, makan duit je..kalau boleh tolong vendor lain dalam tu, tolong ah sikit..vendor bukan berharap banyak sangat pun..diorang memang tak kisah la..

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    I wasn’t aware that there was problems with the art space, i had a good experience coming for the pop up market on Sundays as there was a lot happening, i enjoyed the energy, in comparison to the weekdays, it felt dead. Made me feel like I wasn’t welcomed. As a guest, I hope the gallery crew can do a better job making me feel like i was welcomed because I noticed they were just busy with their laptops and not entertaining any guests that came. I did notice they taking attendance, but i wonder the attendance taking is for what purpose…is it as a tally for gallery visitors or the whole space itself. I noticed that they click that thing for everyone that walks in regardless if they view the art or just walking pass to access the other vendors there. I do think it’s a beautiful space, i hope that the views shared in this forum can be looked into by the management. It would be sad if the space closes down.

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    5 people to handle the entire gallery space? I thought they were tasked to handle the entire space?! That’s really easy job for 5 people taking up monthly salary.

    Where do I sign up?

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    @Korupsi Jalanan Amboi komen ni mmg kena take with a grain of salt. Pandai maki betul. Dah mula personal attack ni. Garang bising tapi mana constructif criticism? Betul kah u part of komuniti? Macam ada dengki dan personal agenda saje. Thread ni sebenarnya bincang masalah hin bus sbg galeri ke, event space ke, komuniti space? Kalau u vendor, u bising ttg galeri pasal apa? Ada apa kaitan dgn u? U bayar sewa ada masuk kos marketing dlm kontrak x? Sembang lah dgn management. I baca thread ni rasa macam ramai pandai tikam belakang saja. Kalao mmg ada masalah dgn management, buatlah townhall sekali dgn vendor lain. Hang semua pandai borak ttg komuniti tapi x bincang sbg satu komuniti. Harap2 Si Tan ni open minded dgn criticism di sini. Ambik yg balik, buang yg buruk. Hang semua pi lah bincang dgn budak rambut oren tu. Tengok semua berani x… komuniti komuniti. Lucu lah. Mcm u org x faham maksud komuniti

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    the vibe is different if you wanna compare it on Sunday and on normal days.

    One point that I would like to offer some feedback, I’ve noticed most of the time, when there is a exhibition going on at the gallery, the sitter would more than likely not engage with the visitors. A few times that I was there, the sitters would more than likely just take your attendance, and continue back to their computer screens.

    I wonder if they were trained to talk and explain about the exhibitions that are going on in their space.

    Or do the sitters even care about engaging with the visitors?

    Just my two cents.

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    Derrick Gan

    @bluejayjay @korupsijalanan your comments/feedback are pretty damaging and borderline, slanderous. More than that, really isn’t healthy, people. Yes, a forum is a place to debate and get your thoughts across but let’s respect each other here.

    The townhall suggestion is a pretty good idea, though. Maybe Hin Bus Depot might want to explore that option. Also, heck, you can’t really go wrong with some proper training and facilitation, yes? Maybe all that is required is some kind of mentorship in space management? Not just the gallery but the entire space so as to create a healthy, sustainable ecosystem.

    Maybe some one here could, instead of pointing fingers and playing the blame game, suggest entities or organizations that could assist in that matter? To provide additional training and mentorship in order to create efficient structure? I’m pretty sure the people they have are doing all they can to the best of their ability, which is why I do take offence to what was said by @korupsijalanan, but everyone could use some guidance here and there, even the very best if us..maybe all of us here could help point the people of Hin Bus Depot in the right direction instead of simply berating them.

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    @korupsi jalanan, the topic says pray for hin bus gallery not be an ass to hin bus.

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    They got proper curator or not for the gallery? If not, can import a guest curator lor. Or get programmer.

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    The managers manage what ah? Staff do what? Intern also do what?

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    Niama Lah

    I couldn’t agree more with @Derrick Gan, get some proper training and facilitation, or even management supervision from existing institutions, like PSAG, PAD or even NVAG. Or even send the staff members to short term (1-3months) intern training under those institution.

    @ciritordie, get a proper programmer in place, curation will come in naturally.

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