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    Niama Lah

    Hin Bus gallery has 2 managers, 2 full time staff, 1-2 part time staff, and always at LEAST 1 intern. Yet they always say insufficient resources of finance and manpower! Niama Lah!

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    Niama Lah

    On the contrary, Hin Sunday Pop-up Market is run by Mr Tan ALONE with support of only 1 Bangladeshi worker is far more efficient than the gallery!

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    Finance I can understand la, since its a private funded entity no?

    @niama lah, but what do you mean when they say insufficient manpower? in terms of helping to set up the show? planning?

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    Niama Lah

    Financially it CAN be self-sustained. How do you think all other commercial galleries been surviving? Private funding means it’s for profit making, not NGO, run it like a business for Christ sake!

    Managers are hired to run the gallery, so RUN it like a gallery! All shows in Hin Bus gallery that I’ve been to are mostly selling shows, with certain percentage of sales cut, you tell me it’s not making money and yet you did nothing to amend? With all those staff, what are they doing really?

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    Niama Lah

    the late RunAmok gallery, 2 people running the space, together with a retail in a tiny gallery, they survived all their years, with the gallery “hidden” within Hin Bus compound sumore! They have been paying their rent have they not?

    Hin Bus gallery, you guys are hired, getting PAID to – at minimum, generate revenue to sustain the gallery. You all don’t even have to pay the rent! So wtf Hin Bus gallery?! Seriously wtf!?

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    But I don’t think they run enough exhibitions a month to generate enough profits, they earn more from hiring out their venue for events.

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    so whats the set-back?
    is it their marketing? it is their programming? is it the management? i know they have a team of people running the gallery, and they are all qualified for their position, i supposed.

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    Gallery business can be profiting if it’s run in a proper business model. Yes most time it cost more than it would ever profit, but with proper marketing of the exhibition and pushing on sales, it can be profiting. Relying on Penang market alone is unfortunately saddening, but one can always expand further to KL or Singapore target. Penang is a convenient tourist city with direct flights from many international cities.

    Upgrade the staff, equip them with skills on how to run a gallery commercially.

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    Perhaps Hin Bus should NOT be looked at as a commercial gallery. The community shouldn’t expect them to be one, nor should HBD promote themselves as a gallery. They’re more like an event space specifically for art events. Kinda like ChinaHouse… That’s why they make more from renting out the gallery space for events. I’ve not done a show there before, but from what I see, they don’t actually market to buyers. From what I observe lah, yeah. It could be that there aren’t enough Penang buyers/collectors to promote to. Also, they seem to promote shows as “events”. Come, see, enjoy, ciao. A big role that commercial galleries do is to build their collectors network, participate in fairs, or bring the artists they represent to various art shows/biennales abroad to up their value. I’d be interested to know if Run Amok Gallery did this too — how did they sustain themselves for years. If I remember correctly, they are a collective run gallery. How does this model work in comparison to the commercial galleries in KL like G13 and A+? Or are they closer to OUR ArtProjects, which also folded eventually because of sustainability issues (?)

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    ini macam ada agenda untuk complain kaki tangan hin bus depot je

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