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    How are you guys coping? Seems like most (or all) scheduled exhibitions/shows/gatherings/etc have been cancelled or postponed until further notice.

    And I can imagine most creative practitioners are affected by this (me included). Do check up on your friends, we need to have each other’s back.

    Anyway, hope you guys are doing well. We will pull through this.

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    I’ve had 3 cancellations. I’m probably going to cancel anything indoors for the next month
    I’m nervous. This is a very scary time for all small business 🙁

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    I work as a scenic artist on a TV show that has been shut down. When we are on hiatus, I do murals. Had 2 restaurants murals scheduled that are up in the air now and 2 nursery murals, 1 in JB, that are a no go. Ugh. Stay safe, all. It will pass.

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    Few jobs have cancelled on me for the time being. I’m kinda fucked to be quite honest. But healthy, well, no corona virus anyway. Thinking of offering commissions at a reduced price. Problem is our field is a luxury not a necessity. Best of look to my fellow artist. Stay healthy. Wash those hands.

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    Unfortunately, artists will take a hit, find something else to make money for awhile and keep in touch with your clients, check in on their health.

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    My jobs haven’t cancelled but I’ve had to put everything on hold to be home with my kids while school is out. Still hurts my pocket that I won’t have any payments coming in for who knows how long 😕

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    Bad. Almost all of my income is gone. I’m DEVASTATED

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    I have a client that had to postpone a project because the pandemic has effected their business pretty hard.

    So, I got my design fee up front and gave 2 sketches of the agreed upon concept for them to pick between as we agreed. A friend that works there and recommended me for the project is telling me the owner now wants something completely different from the concept we originally agreed on. He hasnt contacted me about it yet cause he’s probably focused on simply staying open during the current crisis.

    So my question is, should I charge him an additional design fee? So far it was just 2 simple sketches, just the outline of the character no color yet. Or maybe half my design fee for a new concept? Im kind of mad because when he first texted me he had no ideas. I made a suggestion and he liked it. When I went to see the space, he still liked the concept, had nothing to offer instead. I did my part exactly as we agreed and he paid me to do. Now, it is just outline. they are nicely done, took me about 4 hours total after gathering reference pics to work from. So…..idk. charge him the design fee again?or maybe half?

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    @Jmule is there a contract that you and the client agreed on about what needs to be delivered, or there’s like a milestone agreement between you. If you have that, maybe you can explain to the client that this has changed from what he agreed in the first place. Try and explain that you need to spend time to re-do the work now. Regarding extra charge, depends on you to be honest, if it’s not worth the hassle and the cost isn’t that much, I’d say just revise it (only if the changes aren’t major, if it’s a totally different thing, then new charges apply, previous deposit consider burn)

    If he keras kepala, say thank you for the business, take the deposit and then deliver the work/sketch that he agreed on.

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    If you are fortunate enough to continue to work it’s time to be a little financially cautious. When we went through the financial collapse of 2008 there were contractors and businesses who tried to continue “business as usual” until they ran out of money. This left alot of their subcontractors and contractors in a position of finishing work and not getting paid.

    I’m beginning to see some red flags that we might start experiencing the same situation. When times are tough, good people make bad decisions or simply hold on to the philosophy of “everything will be OK” for too long and find themselves in a position where it hurts others.

    So make sure you have a contract, have it written that it protects you financially. Maybe more progress payments instead of a larger sum at the end of the job.

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