Can i legally paint over a mural that's not been paid for?

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    Can i legally paint over a mural that’s not been paid for?

    i didn’t cover over it with the intent to restore it to its natural state. i covered over it with the intent to make a statement to the man i was doing it for.

    i will not be threatened physically or taken advantage of the way my client was trying. he really thought he was going to be able to keep the artwork, he was happy with it even unfinished…too bad being happy with my work didn’t motivate him to treat me with respect. :/

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    Just say you haven’t finished. And this final coat of obliterating emulsion is the finishing touches 😂

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    It’s your work! Do what you have to do. Might be a good amendment to your contract-add in this very thing.

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    I find this interesting and never realized it might be a legal issue. If I painted something for someone and they didn’t pay, I would paint over it! I agree that it might be a good stipulation in your contract.

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    I had a mural that was 3/4 paid for, I was contracted to, and had spoken to them over and over about getting paid on the final day, I knew that they were going to try to screw me. I told the husband, the wife, and the general contractor that I’d be painting over one quarter of this mural if a payment didn’t come through by the time I was cleaned up, and ready to leave. I said, “and I’m charging you triple my rate to come back and redo it, good luck trying to get someone to match it.” I fought with them about it all day, every excuse. I was cleaned up, had nothing but an air gun full of watered down black paint and my camera because I was going to record it, when the payment came through. I was a minute and a half away from doing it.

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    I am thinking trespassing and vandalizing issues. Think twice about this. If you painted over it how can you be sure that u are returning the property to the exact condition that it was in before you painted it? The owner could then sue you for destroying their property

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    nobody ever did that before, be the first!

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    I’ve been screwed every which way to Wednesday when it comes to dealing with the public. I had the mindset that I’m there for the customer whatever they want and however they want to pay me… That soon changed very quickly because you cannot give them an inch or they’ll take advantage of it. Well, some people. All you can do from here on out is type up a contract, get your 50% deposit, and call these learning experiences”tuition”. Unfortunately, you had to pay the high price of tuition this month. You learned your lesson, got an a+, and now you can add to your portfolio and your bag of tricks. Plus you have a fun story to tell for the future. Good luck hun.

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    I feel your frustration. I’m chasing two unpaid invoices from November, from a business. The take away from it has been, never compromise your business process, contract, deposit and make sure it covers what you are exposed for. I’m bruised, battered emotionally but refusing to let the one bad ruin the many many goid experiences of creating.

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    @Keri thank you. i was shaking pretty bad. i mean we’re artists, we put our hearts into our work but that doesn’t mean we should be expected to give our hearts and work for free.

    @sara my feels are with you as well. this world needs more art, artists and inspiration not less. this group has helped me feel more confident about our worth as legitimate business people. we’re not in kindergarten with crayons.. thank you for your moral support.

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