Bad crowd control at Belang exhibition

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    Hari-hari mau

    The Belang exhibition @ Dewan sri pinang.
    Shame on you, Penang state art gallery! Saw a kid touching the sculptures and both hands banging the RM10k painting! Why there’s no one monitoring this? Where’s the ‘do not touch’ sign? just wonder who’s paying/buying the artwork if rosak?

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    You think they care? all they care is the amount of people that attended the opening for publicity je. Itu pasal they do the coloring contest, so the parents and kids have no choice but to stay until close to the end of the segment for the contest announcement. While i was there, all i can hear from some parents ar “why so long?” “when will they announce the contest winners?” blah blah blah.

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    Is it like that when there normal exhibitions going on? I thought PSAG would be better at crowd control. I saw some of the usual staff members standing around, but none of them were minding the crowd. They were more interested in taking photos, maybe their KPI is different this year?

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    why am i not surprised? it’s always the number game isn’t it? to prove a success is always the number game.

    ever since school time, it’s always the number game.

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