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    hahaha! this is getting fun!
    @Fai Wen, nothing left outdoor are meant to last forever la. unless you are willing to commission the repair, let go ajer bah.

    @Wk08, strong point! and you did some diggings too, i like you. BUT, here’s the catch. you have to understand graffiti and its cursed nature in South East Asia context. this may require a full article to explain, i supposed you can research online.

    why cursed? cause nobody can embraced its full form. its too raw, vulgar and provocative for general public consumption, not even private galleries can embrace it (prove me wrong, i dare any local galleries!). thats why NVAG, corporate events, state gov, art festivals, so called graffiti competitions, tries to ‘domesticate’ graffiti movement, by just presenting only the “pretty” side of it while suppressing its full potential. providing walls in youth parks to “nurture” teenagers to only produce “positive contents” graffiti, censoring their true desire for self expression (though much are just self promotion, why not? corporates doing it all the time anyway).

    of course, every action comes with consequence. taztag may one day be receiving his punishment or recognition, that is for him to bare. my point being, every sub culture has its pros and cons, see through the social moral and judgemental point of view, understand, accept and embrace its full spectrum.

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    Talk kok la you TunBihun! You go tag on your mama house and see la, then you talk sumore see if art or watever fak sub cultur la!

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    @TunBihun don’t get me wrong here. I have nothing against graffiti, i am just stating the irony here. I do embrace the spirit of graffiti and it’s powerful medium for people to bring forth their ideas and opinions. But when it comes to going into an airport or any private owned property and simply tagged “your name” onto it what ideas and opinions is bringing forward here?

    For example, a private own apartment was “bombed”. Would you consider that vandalism? Will that then consider as releasing its full potential? I would reckon the residence living in those apartment will think otherwise. They will then have to use the money from maintenance just to repaint it. Now is that fair to the residence? Or will you suggest to force feed this art to them and “embrace” it?

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    Hmm… I think the self tagging I’ve see here so far is quite self gratifying lo. The purpose is just to make a name for yourself. If want to tag the wall to express something for the benefit of society ok lah. Or to claim space for a certain group or community, like a punk neighbourhood or something. If just tulis nama sendiri like that, seems like pissing to mark territory saja.

    In my opinion lah, there is a fine line between claiming public space for a subculture vs claiming for personal branding. You go to some random taman/apartment to tag without engaging the people there and expect them to take it as art rather than vandalism is like pissing on other people’s backyard lor.

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    true enough @Wk08 and @Swallow-loh, i wouldnt agree to the extend of harming others. challenging the idea of authority or ownership also doesnt quite make sense. but anyway, its their nature.

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    I hate graffiti taggings. Langsung tak cool!

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    Yea I do tags all over too. Malaysia, outside Malaysia, airports, not airports. Some are commissioned, some are without permission. You might call that ‘vandalism’, yes. So we do all this. And? @Wk08

    Also I asked you a question. Is graffiti art to you?

    Trust me, no jaws are locked here, my friend. I’ve faced these things for more than 10 years already lol @garampedas

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    Oh I actually just read more replies!

    So you mentioned you ’embrace the spirit of graffiti’..? makes me wanna laugh, sorry. Read more, please about graffiti. There’s a whole history about it. It’s a global discussion. It’s a given fact, that graffiti is illegal, and destructive. Yall need to know more than what this sheltered island has been served by our tourism board. If you see the current evolution now on graffiti in France and other European nations, you’d be pissing in your pants lol its more destructive and ‘ugly’. But they’re in galleries, and museums, same to how they are on public walls in the streets. Why? Read up:

    Yes graffiti is about bringing forth opinions etc etc. But graffiti is a strong weapon, BECAUSE it can bring forth ANYTHING. Even if to say something sensitive like politics or religion. even if your opinion is just to write your name and give yourself an ego boost and jerk off. That’s why it’s powerful. It’s total freedom. You can say you hate it, but it will still happen. Now what we artists can do is, as our responsibility, is to do good shit. If its still not good for you, then too bad, we’ll keep doing anyway. Its not my job to please anyone, and it’s not anyone’s job to like my uncomissioned pieces. It’s a weapon to bring forth whatever opinion I have and I’m gonna use it. You can too, you just don’t.

    But going back to the main topic of this article, I just mentioned it was demeaning for you to say that to him in that way because yes he does taggings etc and might not be pretty for you, but that doesn’t mean he can’t have an opinion about how bad those damn stupid lines are defacing caryns artwork. It’s not the same thing. We tag public spaces, not destroy people’s good artworks with meaningless lines, or paint private homes cars etc.

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    Soft society, full potential and antistyle in museums discussed above are all intriguing, but how all this relates to graffiti? Because Taz bombs? Graffiti is totally an off-topic here. Lines are not graffiti and there is no irony in a tagger taking a photo of scribbles over some decor. Interesting that you all discuss about beautiful or moral but nobody ever mentions the most important – mural.

    Caryn is cool but the mentioned mural is worthless because it’s max naive and faceless. It’s a shameless commercial quicky: “Please come to Penang and “reference” Ernest in a freshly gentrificating street. Your audience will be mostly tourists who will tag bubble tea in their selfies with your mural – a real artistic challenge!”

    “Kitch – (noun) pieces of art or other objects that appeal to popular or uncultivated taste, as in being garish or overly sentimental. ” Kitch is numbing society and forms vicious circle of tastelessness.

    Maybe the lines are scribbled by a disappointed penangite, a fresh graduate who came back from overseas studies and found their hometown in this misery – amateurism in every step, from art projects to heritage Disneyland. I always pity Malaysians who have lived abroad or travels more. They should suffer greatly everyday.


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