Mandy Maung | Animal Batik Origamis


Facebook: Mandy Maung Art        |      instagram: mama.mandym

Q: What has occupied your thoughts, or you during this MCO ?

I am currently working on a series of animal batik origamis inspired by our traditional local batik, and merging it with (origami) towel art. It started as a ‘let’s see if this works’ experiment, and now I have dedicated most of my time during the MCO to this side project. My main subjects for painting have mostly been human portraits and figurative. Going off on a different project has been fresh and interesting; a new learning curve on painting motifs and patterned fabric.


Q: What’s next for us? 

Virtual Reality exhibitions… perhaps? In addition to other forms of  online exhibitions. I’m not a Tech inclined person, and think we will somehow need to come together with the right sources to step forward.