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Works in Progress

This MCO period has been one of intense activity for me. I’ve definitely been busier with my art, and have been stretched to do more than just painting; creating virtual workshops/ tutorials, and participating in virtual events held by Penang Art District, Open Studios Penang, Unrestricted Stage. I’ve also signed up for an online painting course, which I wouldn’t really have had time for before now.

Prior to the MCO, family routines took priority, particularly my son’s school and activity schedules. These last weeks, I have been able to concentrate on more art related projects, and even throw in a serious amount of spring cleaning!

Of course there have also been worries about my 2 older children who are in Sydney and LA, but with all of us staying at home, we’ve had more frequent WhatsApp chats as a family than ever before.

As artists, I think the way forward is probably going to be increasingly on a virtual platform, however that translates to each genre. How that can be financially viable for each artist is something that needs to be further explored, and will push us all to learn how to use social platforms more and more. I do not feel that this is the death of in-person performances, exhibitions etc, but more an extension and widening of our audiences.