IMMJN | Huruf Huruf


instagram: immjn

I started off the MCO pretty pumped, thinking I’ve got time to work on my art and design work. I gave myself ‘objectives’ by looking out for art/design call-outs online, for example logging onto a logo competition website and answering clients briefs from there; being able to express and at the same time, if chosen, get in some income. I also joined an open call to design single covers (, with a showcase coming up in September 2020. 

I have also been submitting designs for @hurufhuruf (an initiative started by my ex-colleague), a typography each day for the entire month of Ramadan. 

I’m also doing door-to-door delivery for my friend’s shop in George Town, Penang. We deliver baking supplies to customers, and business has been good. Thank God for that.

So, what has occupied me during this MCO? Well, quite simply applying myself to be relevant, and trying to earn income. I’m trying to be pragmatic and practical, with the first order of the day being earning enough to make rent, pay utility bills and buy daily necessities. If the options that are available to me does not involve producing artworks, so be it.