Wong Xiang Yi | Self Drawing


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Self Drawing

I came upon a Japanese  website that offered an AI software claiming it could turn anyone’s face into different oil painting styles. So I decided to give it a try.

I played around with it, choosing a photo of myself, the painting style I wanted. Although some people say that there is some resemblance to me, I do feel awkward about it. So I decided to draw my own portrait; blind drawing, overlapping lines, allowing the chaos to happen. Looking at both, there is a ‘feeling’ in what I’d drawn versus what the AI had calculated as me.

I do feel anxious about human and technology relationships. Especially now with the global pandemic, and more talk on visual arts being represented in the digital form, or all arts related activities (grant exhibitions, theatre, dance etc) being moved online. Removing humans, the experience and physical perceptions away from feeling the arts physically. 

This situation makes me, as an artist, feel uncertain and to an extent powerless. What happens if audiences blur the lines between experiencing artworks through a screen and/or physically?