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 #kitajagakita ❤️

I sewed this under a project organise by Maker’s Habitat KL. It’s a Medical Head Cover made from medical grade non-woven material. It’s one of the layers that medical personnels need to wear in treating Covid-19 patients.


What has occupied you during MCO?

I’ve been spending more time on my own, cooking my own food everyday since the MCO started. I’ve reorganized my house, especially the kitchen, and gone back to gardening too! I guess I’m enjoying the MCO, after a long time of busy working schedules, it feels like school break! LOL. But, I  still cannot escape the thoughts of hoping and questioning when all of this is gonna end.


What’s next for us ? 

I guess for now we should try to live our lives in this new norm. Although living in constant paranoia of another healthy person is quite hard to cope with. But, we shouldn’t sacrifice human relations because of this pandemic. I guess everyone else is also trying to do the same. Luckily we live in an internet era, where we can still reach out and sustain relationships.