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 I Am Tired Of My Mind Playing Tricks On Me 


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Q: What has occupied your thoughts, or you during this MCO ?

Oh, what hasn’t been going through my thoughts. If I were to describe it though, I’d say it’s like living on a roller-coaster. There are highs and lows, which is normal given the current situation. There are days where productivity comes naturally, and some days I just want to eat all day and blend in with my couch.

With that being said, I’ve started a daily ‘journal’. However instead of using words, I’ve used visuals to try to contextualize my emotions/thoughts. It began on the 18th of March 2020, when I woke up to the first day of the Restricted Movement Order (RMO) and felt a sense of confusion which was then followed by despair. I wanted to get that out of my system, but struggled with finding the right ‘mechanisms’ to do so.

However, after having set on using shades of black art supplies on postcard sized watercolour papers, the supposed-one-off work turned into daily journaling. It has become a bit of a routine, whilst having the flexibility to process. Done daily, each piece is a reflection of my state of mind at that moment in time. As this has become a personal project, if you may, I’m rather hesitant to call it a study or even art. It’s merely a reflection of self, communicated visually.

But, besides the daily journaling project, I’ve been occupied with other projects; those pending works in progress from last year, and planning for upcoming online (and offline) projects as well. And, eating !


Q: What’s next for us?

A very good question, and it’s something I’ve been thinking about for the past month and a half.

During a pandemic of this magnitude, it has clearly prevented us from experiencing art and culture alongside our friends, family and others in the same physical spaces. But, I do believe that we can still experience all of that together, but in the virtual world. I am aware that it is not at all the same experience as being physically present in a space. Plus, before this pandemic, the digital world was pretty much treated as an afterthought for expanding views beyond the reach of physical spaces. 

However, with that being said, this pandemic has triggered a compulsion amongst people to explore the virtual world as a way for them to keep their mind and themselves occupied. This is clearly apparent as of late, with the rise of art content of all forms/disciplines on social media. And, with the wide possibilities online, perhaps it might (re)energise and (re)invigorate the process of building an appreciation towards arts and culture by making it even more accessible to the everyday Joe (and Joelle).

Having experienced this matter personally, I must say that allowing any content to reach audiences beyond the usual physical constraints is a great step forward towards making art accessible for everyone. Although, I’m well aware that it’ll be hard to replace the exciting physical experience of being inside a gallery to see an artwork in person, perhaps other decisive steps could be taken to help art lovers and frequent gallery visitors like myself to adjust to this new normal.

But, what is exactly next for us ? Who knows, honestly… Through this insane experience, perhaps, we might end up seeing the beginning of a new era of art. After all, most art movements arise from historical events. What if this pandemic actually creates a new art movement instead?