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Drawn 21st March 2020, shared on Insta: carynbearkoh with caption‘

‘When it’s not just about you anymore’

Q: What has occupied your thoughts, or you during this MCO ?

Observing what’s happening around, there has been a mix of emotions and a lot of ponder. Watching the news and live coverage/announcements have been a daily occurrence, hanging onto the rising numbers here (in UK), and especially the issues. There is a fear and disbelief with how things are being dealt with so poorly, and how resilient the people can be. Yet, there’s this undeniable sea of helplessness and chaos. You prioritise, starting with making sure loved ones are okay. Realising the need to look out for ourselves and loved ones, and also being aware of the wider harm each of us are capable of inflicting onto each other.

Q: What’s next for us?

Adjusting. The internet and living virtually has never been more important. However uncertain things are, as the MCO/lockdowns start to ease, I will just wait and see what happens next. In the meantime, continuing to create and document what we are facing, through my perspective.