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So far, I think a major part of my time has been spent on cleaning and reorganizing my stock materials in the studio. Partially preparing to move out… though it now seems the plan will have to be postponed, and I have also completely depleted my savings. 

This thought of self sustaining has always been in my head, even pre-lock down. My works have never been a lucrative income, hence I’ve been sustaining with mural jobs and miscellaneous commissions. Before the pandemic, my recent sales at Shop Howard, Penang shows that there is a market for low-medium priced art works, and a monthly revenue can be generated if a  sufficient quantity of works are supplied. That is until the lockdown, and we now have to move onto the online market.  

Having said, I’ve been warming up to wood sculpting again. Clearing up and seeing what I can do with materials that I have been forever keeping in storage. Hopefully producing works that I can provide to the Shop Howard online store and generate some pocket money. We can only wait, if we want to generate money and sales from physical exhibitions or other commissioning jobs.