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Works In Progress

Pre Pandemic

At the end of 2019, after my first solo exhibition, The Intolerable Interval, I took time off to think about the themes I had explored; entropy, mortality and time, and how I could build upon these for my next exhibition. Moving into 2020, I had intended a mental exercise that would inform me on structures to understand the crisis that we will face in the future, which at that time was rapid technological obsolescence, fully automated workplaces and the ecological crisis. On the 23rd of January, I started paying closer attention to a new virus after reading of the Wuhan city lockdown.


Movement Control Order

By the 18th of March, the Malaysian Movement Control Order started. Self Isolation provides ample time to reflect on my current series and explore new mediums. In this period, I had shifted from drawing from perceived problems in the future to a more pragmatic approach of interpreting the flood of information happening in real time. 

I’m currently working on an installation, 3 large canvases with one panel for each side of my living room walls. The 1st panel is still an untitled work that merges reality with digital pixels, a homage to how technology is helping us to cope with self isolation. The 2nd panel is on the glass door that looks out onto Kuala Lumpur, and the last panel is still in the works.

The room will be populated by several sculptures which depict escapism into fiction in these tumultuous times. I also have a series of symbolic drawings that are a way to understand entropy, and the human need to deny the existence of death. 

I’m waiting to see how these all come together.


Post Pandemic

Things might get worse, and I do not doubt the post Covid-19 world will change immensely in the long run, affecting everything from geopolitics to education. The pandemic has only revealed that we are capable of great altruism and selfish atrocities so it is my hope as an artist to continue discussing possible foundations for a better future.