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Art work: Isolated Bed

Body Memory II

My body talks:

Sit still.

Shut off.

The buttons which gnaw

the Memories which chisel

the building blocks 

Of years.

My body says:

Hear your guts

which have grown fur instead.

Like that of

the Filipina maid

So far from Quezon

while her temperature 

slowly rises.

alone, in a flat with 9 others

Somewhere in Pudu.

Lost in an urban



My body contracts

Into my guts

In remembering 

Senthil from Tamil Nadu

from whom I buy 


He too is lost 

In this ocean of

silent Isolation

Imagining his wife’s

body floating above his

far far away.

My body,

Is nicotine stained.


My body

Expands itself

To embrace my home.

The sea and sky open

their vistas to greet me.

My body surges

and scrambles

to remember 

which Indonesian placed this roof, 

and built a box,

To house my body.



My dreaded body

Lifts me off this surface

Of despair,

And flies me away

toward my past,

Where I too

a foreign body in a distant 


Hanging lonely

In a squat; Brixton,

Barrier Block.

Lightly skipping through

Passage de Soupir


A city

where windows

dressed in pastel

Macaroons mocked.

And broad boulevards


on bodies.


My Body asks:

What is a foreigner

In a foreign land?

When that land is trembling

As other lands at Home 

tremble too.


Those guts

Which have grown fur

Is all the Foreigner has.

and neither macaroon

Nor sighs

Will make her less foreign

Than this already-world is

Q: What’s next for us?

I struggle to answer this in the midst of MCO, when time is truly non-linear, and every moment is suspended in a cyclical second. I’m really at a loss. “Next” should not be taken literally; that’s what I feel. I can’t see “next”, but I can feel it to be a large space that is unfamiliar, vague, like a new land mass upon which to place our feet down again. A place we have to move into and build new homes for ourselves in order to create. A place to discover and re-explore ourselves, whilst continuing to do what we do best. How to do, when to do, why we do; is the “next”.